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How do you measure the value of a man?

Is it in their good deeds? In how much coin they carry? How much the man gives to the gods? Perhaps it’s in what their willing to do to get the job done, or perhaps it’s in how much they’ve sacrificed.

As time moves forward all men and women are tested in different ways. Some break and are lost to their struggles, but those who make it out become hardened, strong. Some think it’s the right of the strong to teach and protect the weak, others believe it’s to take what they want from them. Conflict rises, and from that conflict comes despair, the kind that only makes the survivors all the more hardened to what must be done.

Western Cret is filled with this conflict. The survivors of it all are the strongest men and women you’ll ever find in all of Vanyr. Perhaps they deserve better, but now they all live to be tested by the struggles of a land that seeks to destroy them. In the end only the strongest will live to see the dawn, assuming that dawn ever really comes.

At its core, the value of a man is the strength to overcome. Whether he finds it by guns, gods or coin doesn’t matter. In this land the only value you will have is your strength. Find it within yourself, or die trying.

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